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In Contract? We can Buy You Out. Yes, that's Not a Typo

Your Business Deserves the Best Communication Platform, Today

Supercharge your communications, today. Without the worry of contract termination fees. Our contract buyout scheme is open to all UK businesses who wish to improve on their communications, while most of the time lowering their monthly cost.

Do More Than Talk

Communicating with customers is a lot more than lifting the phone, as a result, our services are designed to provide your business with every communication tool required. Our aim is to be the best Telecom's supplier in Northern Ireland


Award-winning landline services for powering both traditional and cloud-based phone systems. Therefore, connect anything from PSTN to ISDN.


Connect all your IoT devices to the internet through our multi-network sims. For instance, we can power anything from trackers to remote CCTV.


Firstly, we provide every major network in the UK combined with or without a handset. Secondly, our unlimited data sims are a huge hit with businesses.

Hosted VoIP

Our award-winning VoIP phone systems will deliver next-generation unified communications, because it makes a positive impact, right away.

On-Premise Phone Systems

Supplying reliable on-premise solutions for businesses were going into the cloud isn’t viable. In short, there is always a solution.


Connecting your business to the internet, any device, anywhere. Likewise, we can use a range of M2M sims or traditional fixed-line solutions.

Focused On Growing your Business

Not just another telecoms provider, because we believe there’s enough of them already… We don’t want to simply supply you with a telephone because you can get that anywhere. In conclusion, Smooth Comms will do 1 simple thing, improve your business telecoms.

Our aim is to be the Best Telecom's Supplier in Northern Ireland

Showing desk phone and soft phone of our Telecoms Solution in Northern Ireland

Supercharged Landline

More than a Phone system

Yealink desk phone for our VoIP solutions sold from Northern Ireland

Leapfrog your business into next-generation communications with our VoIP phone systems. Similarly, our range of feature-rich systems, modern handsets, and added value services are sure to be a hit. For example, improving your sales team.

Our VoIP phone systems don’t require a desk phone, simply use your mobile or desktop. VoIP softphones can also integrate with leading CRM’s and other business tools such as Outlook. Therefore, empowering your team.

Soft phone apps available on our VoIP Phone System in Belfast

Any Mobile on Any Network

In other words, mobile phone contracts for businesses of all shapes and sizes, throughout Belfast and NI

Any Mobile
Any Network

Use Any Handset

Mobile contracts can come with any handset. Likewise, we have relationships with all major manufactures such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, and Huawei.

Pick Any Tariff

Let's face it, we all like to save money on mobile contracts. Thankfully our attractive buy rates allow us to provide extremely competitive deals to all businesses.

iphone mobile contract in Northern Ireland

On Any Network

We are one of a few that can offer any mobile carrier and mix and match them on one contract. For example, two o2 mobiles and 3 Vodafone on one bill.

For Any size

Our tailored tariffs allow for us to be able to cater to businesses ranging from Multi-Nationals to local Sole Traders. For example, we can supply businesses from 1-1000 staff members.

Connectivity Specialists

More than broadband

In short, we help business devices connect to the internet, over the globe. Our range of fixed-line and M2M connectivity solutions are designed to deliver optimum bandwidth to every device. In addition, we can supply all regular business connectivity such as fibre broadband.


Full managed service broadband in Northern Ireland

Leapfrog your business into next-generation connectivity with our broadband services. Subsequently, you can benefit from our range of high-speed, reliable circuits.


IoT sim cards that connect to any network in Northern Ireland

Connect any device to the internet, that’s correct, any device. We work with all aspects of IoT devices, because of this, you can even connect bespoke, tailored solutions.

Managed IT services in Northern Ireland Portal

managed it services in Northern Ireland

We Make IT Easy

With the ever-changing IT landscape, if you do, allow Smooth Comms to look after the heavy lifting. Our experts will consult on all aspects of your network, including hardware, WiFi, and internet security because understanding our customers is vital. We have a large range of vendors who have equipped our engineers with vital tools, as a result, we can provide 1st in class IT services.

Why Smooth Comms?

We don't mean to blow our own trumpet, but we're pretty awesome at
supplying telecoms to businesses in Northern Ireland.

With over 30 years in telecoms and IT services, our team understands the optimum solutions to help your business, therefore, we are able to guide you with best practice, experienced recommendations.

Every business says this, we mean it. Importantly, we love to show it, we’re a family run business and our customers are the children.

We only sell the best, period. Subsequently, we therefore have a rigorous process for on-boarding new products, ensuring 100% client satisfaction

We have direct relationships with tier 1, global suppliers. Most importantly, enabling our business to procure the best products at the best price.

Our business success relies on your communications, that’s why we’re clear, concise and will only recommend the best solution. Even if it’s not what you want to hear, honesty is key.

Don't take our word for it!

With little knowledge in online communications, we made the choice to go with Smooth Comms. As a result, nothing has been too much to ask, and furthermore, the results of our online sales have been tremendous. Thanks, guys.
Suzanne Murphy
Initially very apprehensive to change our telecoms supplier with the horror stories we hear all the time. Moving on, we're genuinely over the moon we eventually made the decision. Great Service all around.
Chris Moore

There are many reasons to choose Smooth Comms. Above all, we truly care about the right solutions for our customers, because every single customer matters.


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