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#1 Phone systems in Northern Ireland

Helping businesses communicate no matter the circumstance. Our on-premise phone systems in Northern Ireland deliver optimum functionality with modern technology.

Phone system in Northern Ireland cabling


You won't have to worry about cat5/6 cabling with an on-premise PBX.

Phone system in Northern Ireland connectivity


No matter the broadband speeds, an on-premise PBX will work, always.

Save money on phone systems in Northern Ireland


Only pay for the amount of lines or channels you need, no cost per user.

Feature Rich Phone Systems in Northern Ireland

Using an on premise phone system will not diminish any aspect of your phone system. Your business will benefit from all the same system features and reliability as cloud based phones systems.

Work from anywhere pbx

Our powerful on-premise PBX solutions will provide our customers with the tools to work from anywhere. Providing both desktop and mobile soft phones, you are no longer tied to your desk.

Enhanced call routing

Our on-premise PBX phone systems all have enhanced call routing functionality to ensure your business call tailor their call flows with any feature, at any time. 

More than a phone system

Get more from your phone system other than making calls. Our chosen PBX’s can provide full call analytics,  live wallboards to improve business efficiency and customer experience.


What is an on-premise pbx?

An on-premise phone system (PBX), is where your physical phone system in located in your office rather than the cloud.

Is it the cheaper option?

Sometimes, yes. Typically the on-going monthly costs are cheaper as you will now own the system and not be paying monthly per user.

What if I have more than one location?

On premise phone systems offer much of the same functionality as cloud system. Our platforms have smart site to site features to link locations.

Do I need new cabling?

On the majority of occassions your on-premise handsets will be compatible with existing telephony cabling.

What type of phone lines do i need?

Any, is the short answer. Our on-premise phone systems can be programmed with SIP, ISDN and PSTN lines/channels.

Can it integrate with my crm?

Our on-premise solutions can integrate with many leading CRM platforms, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and many more.

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There are many reasons to choose Smooth Comms. Above all, we truly care about the right solutions for our customers, because every single customer matters.


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