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Enabling businesses to be able to communicate in a much easier way. #1Microsoft Teams provider Northern Ireland

Microsoft Teams Supplier in Northern Ireland

Three Options Available

#1 Microsoft Teams Provider NI

No matter what your current telecom setup is, we can integrate it with Microsoft Teams. We have three unique solutions to ensure we can deliver the optimum solution for your business.

Hosted VoIP Platform

We can integrate our Smooth Comms VoIP solution to enable Team”s calling. This can be achieved without paying Microsoft extra for the privilege.

On-premise PBX

Hook all leading on-premise phone systems into Microsoft Teams with a click of a button. Same user, same extension, same PBX, just an extra device

Teams PBX

If you’d prefer to use Microsoft teams as your sole PBX, we can help. In this scenario, Teams will handle your phone numbers and call routing. 

Why Integrate with Microsoft Teams?

Work from Anywhere

Access your Microsoft Teams apps on every device, from Android to Mac. Simply log in, and you will have to your phone system.

Any Device

Our Microsoft Teams integration will allow all users to access their tools via their app on any device, from anywhere.

Team Collaboration

Microsoft Teams will empower collaboration, file sharing, video calling, and instant messaging all in one platform.

Unified Communications

Teams will provide your business with truly unified communications. Video, chat, and collaborate as one Team, from anywhere.

One login

No need to remember the numerous details of several apps. Microsoft Teams will provide every detail on every device with one login.

Office 365 Integration

Bring all your documents under one roof. By using Teams you can now integrate SharePoint and Onedrive documents.

Microsoft Teams Provider in Belfast

Take a guided Tour

See the magic happen

One of our experts will spend the time to walk and talk you through using your phone system through Microsoft Teams. No sales patter, an educated consultant to help guide you through the process.

Connect a Range of Devices

Choose from a range of traditional desk phones or softphones. As the leading Microsoft Teams provider in Northern Ireland, we can assist with migrating existing solutions you may already have.

" Teams is the perfect match for our corporate culture. With it, we can increase collaboration, open up new ways of working and be more efficient at the same time. "

Anna Broman, Digital Workplace Manager

There are many reasons to choose Smooth Comms. Above all, we truly care about the right solutions for our customers, because every single customer matters.


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