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“If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again. The Internet of Things is about to change it all over again!” — Brendan O’Brien

more than a sim card

Connect, Collect, Conquer

Connect critical business tools and products to the internet. Allowing greater control and opening up the world of data.

Collect vital information from your assets and analyze how they are performing. Once you have the data, you can start making the changes.

Conquer your business achievements by improving customer experience and business efficiency. 

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Connecting devices with IoT in Northern Ireland

Multi Network IoT eSIM

You can order multi-network, roaming connectivity eSIMs. Delivered via GSMA-compliant, removable, or embedded data.

Private APN

Providing a private, secure connection, rather than connecting via the mobile operators public APN.

Global Connections

Our IoT sims are capable of roaming across 190 countries and 500 mobile networks, as standard.

Pooled Data

Save on costings by pooling your data requirements into one pool. Therefore, preventing any unexpected overcharges.

Track your fleet of vehicles across 190 countries with live time analysis and reporting.

Access live CCTV from anywhere, from HGV dashcams to remote farming. 

Track any asset, without the need for electricity. Our trackers last for up to 9 years using one battery.

Never lose connection again, our IoT sims will provide back-up broadband.

Radios are back, and ready for the future. Connect via our sim cards and speak worldwide.

Connect any sim-related device to the internet, using over 500 networks in 190 countries.

Providing invaluable data on the activity of pedestrians and the health of a Cities economy.

Analyze air pollution both indoors and outdoors to meet regulation and improve health.

Use IoT to drive more customers to the High Street. Therefore, making improvements for retailers.

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