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Lower your landline costs today with our fixed-line services. Our full suite of WLR3 products can cover all aspects of business communications. Therefore, connecting to any type of traditional phone system. We can offer any line types from PSTN to ISDN and everything in between. Our aim is to be the best landline supplier in Northern Ireland

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Frequently asked questions

Think of Tesco buying in bulk and selling products cheaper than the corner shop. We buy from Openreach at aggressive rates and are able to be extremely competitive

  • Single analogue line – allowing one call at any one time (used for phone, alarm, fax, lifts etc) 
  • Multi-line – numerous analogue lines on the same number
  • ISDN2 – two to eight digital lines typically used for small business phone systems
  • ISDN30 – Eight to thirty digital lines, used for larger business phone systems

If you wish to do anything more than make / receive calls such as day / night modes or voicemail, then yes. Otherwise a basic analogue will do the job.

Yes, we transfer / port from any supplier, including international.

Not all telecoms are equal

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There are many reasons to choose Smooth Comms. Above all, we truly care about the right solutions for our customers, because every single customer matters.


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